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This website makes extensive use of data from the astoundingly useful UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Site.   Our hats (all of them) are off to the numerous people responsible for creating, maintaining, and continually improving that website and its underlying database.  Moreover, the support segment of their team deserves a special award for the stellar job they do at instantly answering all questions and for being nice about it when you accidentally ask something that's covered in the FAQ.  You should all be proud.

Of course, much of the data available from UCSC comes from other organizations or the scientific community as a whole.  Good work!

Annotation of the gene models in this database was done using Apollo.  It's hard to imagine how it's even possible to annotate gene models without Apollo.  Luckily, we don't have to imagine.  Moreover, the good folks behind Apollo have generously made their source code available to all!  Thank you for providing such a valuable resource to the community.  David Goodstein at the JGI was kind enough to lend the project the benefit of his experience developing with Apollo and made the task of writing our own data adapter easier.  Astrid Terry, also at the JGI, gave us useful advice on annotating in the early stages of the project.

The identification of KZNF loci is based on the ability to identify motifs within protein sequence.  For that type of analysis, we are indebted to Sean Eddy and his fine HMMER software package.

Software development for this project was done by Dan Baggott who built this website using Tomcat, Struts, OJB, Quartz, and MySQL.  I couldn't even begin to offer enough thanks to the countless people whose hard work and dedication to these projects (and others) make so much possible. It's a joy to stand on the shoulders of giants...

Any mistake found within is certainly the fault of the creators.  Please let us know.

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