This is an approximation!

Motifs identified in the genomic sequence and included in the model's predicted protein sequence are shown schematically from the N-terminus to C-terminus.

Generally, a motif is listed here if greater than 50% of the identified genomic sequence is translated in frame; zinc finger motifs are only shown if the entire genomic sequence is translated in frame. Please consult model details for precise information about the extent of translation. Motifs were identified by sequence similarity using the HMMER package and are not necessarily biologically active.

Motifs included in the analysis are shown below with their abbreviations:
  F: Single zinc finger
  A: KRAB-A domain
  B: KRAB-B domain
  BL: Longer version of KRAB-B
  C: KRAB-C domain; shortest of the KRABs
  S: SCAN domain
  P: BTB/POZ domain
  b: KRAB-B variant from XRCC cluster

Groups of adjacent fingers that are separated by no more than 168 nucleotides in the genomic sequence are represented with a single 'F' preceeded by a count of the number of fingers in the group.