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LLNL1153 (LLNL ID: 1153) Chrom View:Map Browser External: UCSC Browser @NCBI
Position: chr7:148973104-149002213(+)
Related Records: [FLJ30362, KIAA0543, LOC643641, NM_001099220]
Genomic ZNF-Related Motifs
May not be expressed in all models; see Model Summary below for model-specific info
  Motif (5' -> 3') Start - Stop # Stops Hmmer
  Finger 148975239 - 148975323 1 1.0E-4 false
  KRAB-A 148979364 - 148979472 0 1.3E-6
  KRAB-A 148984951 - 148985074 0 1.2E-25
  KRAB-B 148994160 - 148994244 0 8.8E-6
Model Summary
  LLNL ID Type Confidence Coordinates Protein Motifs Sequence Links
  3932 Gene Confident chr7:148980925-149002213 A-B Genomic | Protein
  3933** Gene Some Reservations chr7:148973104-149002213 A-A-B Genomic | Protein
Batch:   Genomic | Protein
 ** indicates the Representative Model
Summary of Model Variations
   Total # Models assigned to locus 2
   Total # distinct coding sequences represented by models 2
   Models show variation in their 5' UTRs true
       Alternate Transcription Starts true
       Alternate Translation Starts true
   Models show variation in their 3' UTRs false
       Alternate Transcription Ends false
       Alternate Translation Ends false
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